15-year Limited Warranty

Rustic AccentsTM warranties our products to be free from manufacturing defects for 1 year from the time of purchase. Our Box Beams are manufactured from Cedar unless otherwise noted. Our beams do not have any waterproofing or sealer added unless it's specified at the time of order.

Rustic AccentsTM makes no warranty, written or implied, as to warping, fading, cracking or checking on our box beams. Small cracks or checking may occur as the wood ages. This is a natural process of nature. Checking will add character and authenticity and is a natural occurrence of all wood products.

As always, adhere to all local building and fire codes when installing any siding or paneling materials.

When Barron Designs has determined that a Product is defective, it will replace the product or a credit may be offered instead of replacement (at Barron Designs' discretion). Barron Designs' liability is limited to the cost of the defective product.

PLEASE NOTE that when installing any Beam Project, failure to completely and thoroughly follow the instructions outlined for that product / project, along with utilizing the proper strength Threaded Rods/Cables, mechanical fasteners, and / or adhesives when applicable, combined with adhering to construction and local Codes, along with the capabilities of your existing home / structure, can cause failure, and possible injury. Barron Designs LLC assumes NO responsibility or liability for any such possible events.

This warranty expressly excludes the following:


Rustic Accents is part of Barron Designs LLC, a family-run company dedicated to supplying high-quality, cutting-edge and affordable design and remodeling materials to homeowners, business owners, professional builders and interior designers.


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