Wood Planks

Select the type of the plank you are interested in.

Wire Brushed

Distressed wood plank with Wire Brushed texture

Barn Board

Barn Board style distressed wood plank

Hand Hewn

Hand Hewn plank made from distressed cedar wood

Heavy Hand Hewn

Heavy Hand Hewn Planks

When Only Real Wood Will Do

Unmatched Hand Craftsmanship

Made with our signature outstanding craftsmanship, these distressed wood planks offer a decidedly expressive touch to any design.

Available in the same beautifully authentic styles of Barn Board, Hand Hewn, Heavy Hand Hewn and Wire Brushed, the planks can be paired with our beams to amplify the overall look, or be used as stand-alone accents on ceilings and walls, doors, exteriors, wainscoting and more.

Like the beams, these planks are constructed from premium Red Cedar, sustainably sourced from second-growth forests. We then treat this virgin wood with a specialized finishing process that gives the wood a second level of durability. This helps prevent the wear and tear that real wood is prone to, including cracking, rot, fading and warping.

This treatment process also gives each plank its authentically aged look. Hand-distressed, its new wood surface is given a texture and appearance of one decades older.

The Look of Reclaimed, But Better

Unlike some types of reclaimed wood, these planks don't house insects or hidden metals. They are also standardized in size, color and texture to be reliably consistent throughout your design. This uniformity doesn't compromise on style, however, each plank is hand-textured and finished by artisans.

Reclaimed wood is also scarce and can take a prohibitively long time to find the right pieces in the amounts you require. Our planks won't run out of stock and with a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks, your project can get off the ground quickly and efficiently.

In-House Design Team

We don't just take your order and say good luck. Our highly experienced team of customer service representatives and design professionals are ready and able to help and offer guidance through every aspect of your project. Original concept, planning, choosing the right products, installation and more – we'll be your helping hands.



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