Made by Artisans

Our woodworkers are artisan craftsmen, skilled in their specific area of expertise.  We love wood and bringing out the special quality of each piece we touch.

We finish our handcrafted wood products in our own state-of-the-art workshops at the mill. This is not repeatable machine work. It is one-off, hand-worked to a repeatable standard of quality achieved through over thirty years of experience using traditional tools.

Nothing is machine milled. We use both the same ancient techniques devised and used by all those gone before us, as well as some labor-intensive proprietary approaches. The result is strong, beautiful beams, mantels and planks that are indistinguishable from reclaimed wood but cut from young virgin red cedar trees from the Pacific Northwest.

It requires time and attention and a feel for the wood. It’s what sets our products apart.

Handcrafted wood products made by master artisans available at


Rustic Accents is part of Barron Designs LLC, a family-run company dedicated to supplying high-quality, cutting-edge and affordable design and remodeling materials to homeowners, business owners, professional builders and interior designers.


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