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Our real wood beams, mantels and other products are made from lengths of American-grown, solid Red Cedar. After construction, this virgin wood is aged and textured using our innovative, proprietary techniques to achieve the unique look of either hand hewn, wire brushed or barn board timber.
Yes, all of our real wood products are made in the USA by trained artisans.

Our website is our catalog! Because we regularly add new products, styles and colors to our lineup of products, we feel that a printed catalog would become out of date too quickly to justify the printing and shipping costs. In addition, that enables us to be more environmentally friendly and, by not printing physical catalogs, we save money that we can pass on to you by offering our products at a lower price.

Be assured that our website is regularly updated, and features the most accurate and up-to-date information about available products, costs, shipping details and more.

Yes, all of our products are warrantied for manufacturing defects for 10 years.
All of our prices are listed on our site. Simply input your measurements and the price will be calculated. If it isn’t, please call our office and we will be happy to quote you directly.
We love to work with building professionals, and are happy to offer volume discount on large orders to the trades.
Yes, our real wood products can be used outdoors; but the wood needs to be treated with a quality UV topcoat before installation.
Yes, the beams can be used to build many types of non-structural trusses. Our team of customer care specialists are available to help walk you through the process in planning and creating a truss using our products. However, keep in mind that any beams with lengths over 14’ will require joints that will either be visible or require decorative straps to conceal them.
Yes, the beams’ box design allows them to fit directly over many existing beams or columns. We recommend ordering your beams with an inner dimension of at least 2 ½” larger Width and a 1 ½” larger Height if you are using a 3 sided Beam, or 2 ½” larger Height if it is a 4sided Beam than the beam or column you’re trying to cover.
Yes, we offer four-sided beams which are perfect for columns or for use as suspended beams or when creating a truss. For ease of installation, the fourth side of these beams is removable.
All measurements shown on our website are actual. Please note that when dealing with real/milled wood, there can be slight variations in dimensions, but all beams will be as close to the actual measurements as possible.
In the lumber industry, a “2 x 4” timber is not actually 2 inches by 4 inches - it’s smaller. A timber described as 2” x 4” is using “nominal” (as in “in name only”) measurements. In reality, a 2” x 4” from a lumber yard measures 1 ¾” x 3 ½”. To keep things simple and avoid mistakes, we only go by “actual” measurements – as, the size of the beam according to a tape measure. Please note that when dealing with real/milled wood, there can be slight variations in dimensions, but all beams will be as close to actual measurements as possible.
While there are technically no size limitations our beams and L-headers, please note that their longest available length is 14’. Lengths longer than 14’ will require some type of joint and the width and heights will have a lengthwise seam at every 10 ½”. Planks do in fact have a size limitation of a maximum of 14” Long and 10 ½” wide.
A scarf joint is when two beam pieces are joined end to end. This technique is used when a beam is ordered over 14 feet (168") long.

Because we use real wood to create our beams, there are limitations in the length we can provide using single pieces of wood. When you order a beam exceeding 14’ in length, there will be a visible scarf joint where two lengths of wood meet.

Alternatively, you can order individual sections of beam up to 14’ long, and butt the flat ends up against each other to create the appearance of a single, longer beam. However, once again, the joint/seam will be visible.

We recommend using a decorative strap to conceal any joints. These are rubber straps that resemble the iron bands that used to brace real timber beams. Many customers use them even when there is no seam to cover.

If you are ordering a beam that has a width or height of more than 10.5”, there will be a seam where two lengths of wood are connected to create the width needed. While we do our utmost to prevent any obvious visible seams, we do need to produce our wider products like this to reduce the chance of any issues in the future of the wood “cupping” or “bowing” as is normal on planks that are wider than 10.5 inches.

No, our planking is not meant to be utilized as flooring. We do intend to offer flooring products in the near future, so watch this space.
Yes, our beams are excellent for use as a fireplace mantel anywhere a Real Wood Mantel can be used, and many customers have done this. We also offer fireplace mantels specifically.
No, our products are sold exclusively online. We are "Factory Woodshop Direct" and sell directly to you. This enables us to be able to offer lower prices by cutting out the middle man. In many ways, ordering directly from us is actually better than buying through a distributor. We make ordering safe, secure and easy, direct from our website and deliver our products right to your door.
You can place your order via this website or call us at 1-800-651-4223 and talk to a Customer Care representative who will help take your order.
Our minimum order is a single (1) beam, mantel, L-header or plank.
To make sure your beams, mantels, planks or L-headers are the correct size, we recommend ordering them a little longer than needed – we recommend ordering an additional 6 inches of length (rounding up to the next linear foot), which you can then trim with a wood saw prior to installation.
The average production time for our beams is between 4 and 6 weeks, not including shipping time.
You can create an account on while placing your initial order. When you’re filling out our order form, simply check “Save login info account”, enter a password and answer to a secret question and an account will be automatically created. This will make ordering in the future even quicker and more seamless than it is already.
All beam orders are shipped by a freight carrier, due to the length of our beams. Other products ordered at 8 feet long or less will ship via UPS Ground.
The shipping is automatically calculated during our checkout. You can also run a shipping quote right after the products were added to cart.

We can ship worldwide, but if you live outside of North America we will need to consult with your shipping broker.

If you’d like to “try before you buy”, we do offer physical samples of our different products for you to approve. Our expert Customer Care representatives will also be able to assist you with any questions you have about our products.

Yes, are beams are very easy to install – definitely within the scope of the average homeowner. Please view our install page to learn how to install our products in a variety of different applications.
It usually takes two people to install our beams, unless it’s a small beam. One person can usually install a mantel, plank or L-Header on their own.
Any general contractor, or individual with good Do-It-Yourself skills should be able to install them. We also offer full instructions on our website and our Customer Care representatives can help with any specific installation questions you might have.

How you decide to place your beams is entirely up to you. We recommend looking at project photos and the ceilings of homes with real timber supporting beams to see what style you like and what looks most realistic.

Aside from that, though – it’s entirely up to you. You could have the first wood beam start right up against the wall or leave some space between the first beam and the wall.

Alternatively, you could start with a half beam – one beam that you have cut lengthwise down the middle – or you can order an L-Header. Place this up against the wall, placing the other half against the opposite wall, and you’ll have the appearance of beams embedded inside the wall, much like you’d find in a true timber-framed home.

The slideshow on the right shows these three different looks for your ceiling beams.

This, too, is a matter of personal preference. Most customers install their beams with a spacing somewhere between 2 feet and 8 feet. 4-foot spacing is the most common, however. These pictures may help give you a visual reference for when you install your own ceiling beams.
Yes, we will match as closely as possible any Minwax wood tone color that’s provided to us, for a 10% custom charge.
Yes, we have a complete wood shop and in most cases we can make any custom part you need. Call our Customer Care representatives to discuss your needs.


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