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When Only Real Wood Will Do

Some design situations call for the highest level of authenticity; in which only the rich, rustic character of natural wood will do. Our box beams answer this call.

Available in 3 unique reclaimed wood textures, the beams are constructed from Red Cedar harvested from the Pacific Northwest. To recreate the beautiful, timeworn surface of century-old wood, we painstakingly hand finish this virgin wood using a proprietary process unmatched in its attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Advantages Over Reclaimed Wood

Beams made from wood salvaged from old barns or period buildings can be stunning in looks – but they do come with significant drawbacks. Highly in demand, real reclaimed wood has become scarce – making it difficult to find pieces that accommodate both your design and size needs.

Our beams are consistent in size and coloring, which makes planning your project that much easier, particularly if you’re planning a decorative truss installation or covering existing beams, pipes or columns. Our production time is also faster – the beams will ship within 1-2 weeks of placing your order.

Reclaimed wood can also come with some dangers. In many cases, the wood’s provenance is uncertain – it may have been painted or treated with chemicals in the past that resulted in the presence of lead or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Unless meticulously checked by the supplier, reclaimed wood can also have hidden nails, screws and even pest infestations.

While our beams are free of toxic chemicals, pests and other hazards, they do possess the same strength and durability you find in reclaimed wood – making them less likely to warp, crack or twist.

Available in planks, L- Headers and either 3- or 4-sided models, the beams’ design also makes them easy to handle. This lightweight construction allows two people to install them with little trouble – even homeowners with limited building experience will find it manageable.

The Natural Alternative

Offering innovative design and expert craftsmanship, our box beams combine the best of both worlds – the stunning appeal and sophistication of real wood coupled with modern convenience. See our photo gallery to see them in action.

Superior Service

Not sure where to start? Our experienced customer service team and design engineers are on hand to guide you through your project, from selection to completion – and beyond. We will assist you in everything from choosing the best texture for your design to installation, aftercare and more.



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