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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are these decorative accents made of?

All of our items are made of metal (different gauges for specific designs) and authentic barbed wire.

What is the finish on your products?

The "brownish/copperish" colored items are finished in natural rust. The greenish colored items are powder coated Green Granite ~ this is a baked on, super durable painted finish.

Will the naturally rustic décor items rust on my wall?

Not at all…as a matter of fact, they are perfect for outdoor decorating, as well, because they have been clear-coat sealed to preserve the finish.

How do I care for my new accents?

The care for your rustic accents is simple – outdoors or in very humid environments simply coat with clear spray paint every 1- 2 years or as needed. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth – please do not use detergents, as they may be too harsh.

How are the ivory painted designs applied to many of your items,
specifically the switch plate covers?

All of our designs are our own exclusively. These accents are painted onto our rusted plate covers then we re-rust them to give each one an aged ("antiqued") look not found elsewhere. We then clear-coat seal each item to preserve the finish for your enjoyment both indoors and out.

Are your green granite decorative accents also available with the 
"antiqued ivory painted designs"?

Only our rustic items are available with these prints due to our exclusive aged/burnished effect.

Do you provide screws with your switch plate covers?

"Rust" or "green granite" screws are not available. Available screws are always a very dark brown color (almost black) which does not compliment well with our covers. We have countersunk the screw holes so that your existing screws fit nicely. The majority of our customers like ivory screws since they are usually not noticeable considering the large switches themselves and our ivory painted designs. If however, ivory screws do not fall into an "ivory painted" area on the cover, we suggest a brown magic marker or brown paint to dab the head of the screw for an ideal blending affect.

Do your decorative switch plate covers "cover up" or "replace" my
existing plates?

They replace your existing covers.

How do I hang my wall décor items?

With the exception of 5 designs, our wall silhouettes each have a small hole for easy hanging. The remaining items have relief cuts in the designs to accommodate nails or wall screws (for our heavier gauge pieces). 

Does Rustic Accents accept custom orders?

Unfortunately at this time, we cannot accommodate custom orders. We take pride in creating top quality, handmade unique accents for your decorating needs and this process is highly time consuming (over one month from start to finish). We are always open for ideas for possible future projects if you would like to share.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We want you to enjoy your purchase as soon as possible so we try very hard to send it out within a few days of receiving your order! Because the finish on our products is of a one of a kind nature, it sometimes takes slightly longer. Thanks for your patience!

How will my orders be shipped?

We normally ship through the United States Postal Service (USPS) via First class or Priority. Larger orders may ship through United Postal service (UPS). If you have specific mailing requirements please let us know at the time you place your order and we will be happy to accommodate.

Is it possible to send your decorative accents as a gift?

Yes! We are happy to mail your gift, even including a gift card, to anyone, anywhere! We are also pleased to offer gift certificates in any denomination!

Do you sell e-mail addresses?

Never! Once you visit our site, and even register if you choose to, your information is for use by Rustic Accents only! This is also true regarding all of your purchasing information via our secure server. All charge account numbers are encrypted and completely safe transferring over the web.

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Western, Southwestern, Wildlife and Rodeo home décor is designed and created by hand in Tucson, Arizona, since 1986.  Unique switch plate covers and dramatic wall art are created from rustic metals.  Through a special process, painted designs are applied and then burnished on many of our items to achieve an antiquated finish not found elsewhere.  Aged rustic barbed wire is hand-coiled and connected, forming decorative wreaths, which are further adorned with our metal silhouettes.  Our pride and commitment to quality, will insure your many years of satisfaction with our products.  Thank you for visiting our site.

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